Liberty Furniture

Liberty engages design teams that are fully integrated with our marketing, sales and production management. We offer significant competitive advantages for our clients. Design Team Leaders work in conjunction with management, personnel in the field, and our respective factories. Liaison personnel in the field are positioned in all relevant regions of both Asia and North America to work on detecting new product development niche opportunities and information relay. These efforts have resulted in excellent product innovation and creativity along with phenomenal sales performance for our clients. Liberty is widely recognized for its innovative strategies, enjoying private label relationships with some of the America’s Top 100 Furniture Retailers.


Liberty is a leader in the critical area of product development. Dollar for dollar Liberty offers some of the most sophisticated and high-end quality finishes available. Our products have a reputation for strong competitive advantages, distinctive appeal, and a high level of perceived value.

Features & Benefits

All wood dovetail drawer construction; dust proofing; screwed flush mounted back panels; and desirable wood selections including cherry, oak, ash, maple, etc. are just a few of the exciting features of Liberty product.


Superior structural integrity throughout the product line ensures lasting quality, for Liberty’s rate of return and defect rate ranks among the best in the industry. Liberty takes great strides in managing quality of the highest standards possible.

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